Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rod Cedaro Altitude Services

Rod Cedaro is general manager at Altitude Services.

Altitude Services is a specialist technology company focused on providing the latest information on simulated altitude training and equipment.

Our specialist team of exercise scientists, veterinary specialists, dietitians, engineers and conditioning specialists work directly with our clients to ensure your specific equipment requirements and training needs are tailored to your unique circumstances.

Rod Cedaro and the Physiology Behind Altitude Training

An interesting video from Rod Cedaro, General Manager at Altitude Services. He discusses the physiology behind training at altitude with AIS Post Doctoral Fellow in Altitude Training and Pacing Physiology, Laura Gavican-Lewis (PhD).

Rod Cedaro: 10 Health and Lifestyle Tips

Rod Cedaro knows a lot about health! He is a world champion marathon runner, with a wealth of experience training athletes at Altitude Training. Rod Cedaro is passionate about keeping healthy, performing at your best and staying focused. Here he presents 10 health and lifestyle tips to keep you in tip top condition! Find out more about Rod Cedaro at

Rod Cedaro 2015 Fitness Motivation

Rod Cedaro is a passionate triathlete, having competed in numerous events across the world - including setting a world record at the Brisbane Marathon! He now coaches athletes at Altitude Services in Melbourne. The facilities include a state of the art altitude training tent, allowing athletes to train at altitude.

This video aims to inspire you to be the best you in 2015!

Find out more about Rod Cedaro at or Altitude Services at

Altitude Services, Rod Cedaro

Rod Cedaro is General Manager at Altitude Services - a company that specialises in training at altitude. Altitude Services provide expert guidance in applying the science and practicality of altitude simulation to your circumstances.They provide fully quoted, installed, commissioned turn-key altitude installations. Clients include athletes, health clubs, sports teams and horse trainers. Find out more about the benefits of using altitude training at and

Rod Cedaro, Which Running Shoes

Rod Cedaro - Which Running Shoes? 

Marathon runner and champion triathlete Rod Cedaro has experienced a lot of running shoes over the years. He has put together his knowledge to help you choose the right trainers for you. Find out more here